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Quit today and reinvent yourself!

We live in a society where quitting is not seen as an action to be proud of. But why? 

***I wrote this article three years ago and never posted it. My writing today is different, but I want to be vulnerable and share it with you because I trust it will provoke a valuable reflection in you. ***

Why are we not supposed to quit something that is not contributing to our happiness? We are not supposed to quit studying, our job, or our intimate relationship. But we are supposed to quit drinking, smoking, drugs, and coffee. 

Why are we supposed to keep a job that is not meant for us, a boss that acts like a dictator, a university major that doesn’t inspire us, or a relationship that generates frustration and hatred instead of happiness and love? 

These life situations are as toxic to our mental and physical health as drinking or smoking. Yet, society often does not approve of us quitting them. 

I don’t believe in ‘no pain, no gain’, and I am proud to say that in my life, I had the opportunity and the courage to quit and move on to greener fields. I left the country where I was living, a job, an apartment, acquaintances, all for the unknown. And I did it multiple times. 

I needed to remind myself that I am not a rat racer and that not knowing what’s coming next doesn’t scare me. It actually excites me. 

I wanted to prove to myself that I am confident in my abilities, I am smart enough to figure it out, and most importantly, I can have fun and enjoy each step of the journey. 

Life is too short to spend years enduring a situation that is not right for us. A situation that is contributing to our stress and frustration and preventing us from reaching our true potential. 

Why not quitting and starting all over again? Why trying to keep that marriage alive for years when we know that it doesn’t work? Why getting depressed on Mondays because a new week of unfulfilling work is ahead of us? Why keep working as a sales director if your dream is to be a tour guide? 

You might be in the perfect life situation where everything is fine, and contentment and satisfaction are your daily mood. If this is the case, good for you! But if this is not the case, and you are clinging to something that hinders your happiness because of fear of the unknown or lack of self-belief, be bold and make a brave conscious decision to turn your life around. You can do it! And I assure you that it is less difficult than you think. 

Love. Simone.

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  • strong commitment to turning your vision into reality
  • Someone next to you that supports and guides you through the journey
  • Expanded horizons, wider perspectives and increased awareness
  • A calmer, more positive and balanced mind
  • Deeper and healthier relationships with those you care about
  • Clarity around who you are, who you want to be and what you really want 
  • A specific action plan that will be your roadmap to accomplish your vision
  • A feeling of confidence, excitement, motivation and contentment. 

The Plan

Define how you will achieve what you want
How will you accomplish your vision?
What specific actions will you take?
What habits, people and places fill you with energy and will support you through the journey?
What skills or knowledge do you want to acquire?


The Challenge

Do the deep inner work you need so that nothing can hold you back
What are your biggest challenges right now?
What is holding you back the most?
How do you underestimate yourself the most?
What thoughts and emotions would you most benefit from transforming?
What new empowering beliefs do you want to create?
How can you play to your strengths?

The Why

Have clarity on why achieving your vision is important
Why do you want to achieve that?
How achieving your vision would improve your life?
How will you feel when you get there?

The Dream

Create an inspiring vision of who you want to be and where you want to go
What do you want?
What does your ideal life look like?
What is your biggest dream?

The Reality

Be clear about where you are and what you want to change
Where are you now?
What is your current situation?
What are your biggest challenges right now?


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