Happy Lives

Caitlin Jilly

Special Education Teacher


Simone is a wonderful transformative life coach. He is very professional and thoughtful in the process. When I began my journey 8 months ago, I was lost. I did not have much direction regarding my future. After the completion of the process with Simone, I am happily settled into a job, relationship, and life that aligns with my values. The coaching process has benefited me in many ways. I am more self-confident, accepting, and emotionally stable. At the beginning of this process, I was lost and a bit broken. But now, after completing the program, I feel like I am ready for anything life throws my way! The biggest strength I have taken away after completing this process is to be okay with myself. My increased confidence helps my life in many ways, but has also positively impacted those around me. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs direction in their life: whether that be in their employment, personal relationships, motivation, self-improvement or anything else!

Juan Paullier

Business Development


If you are serious about embarking on an inspiring journey of personal growth, I cannot imagine a better guide than Simone. He will undoubtedly help you if you’re willing to be honest with yourself and to devote some time, so you can realise what’s stopping from reaching your potential, being yourself, and finding contentment. He’ll offer you the tools for taking action, ask the right questions, give you the encouragement to believe that certain things can actually be better. That you can be better. And that may transform you. In my case, in just a couple of months, I was able to see things in a different, more healthy perspective. He helped me to understand myself in a more genuine way so I can pursuit what I really care about. And crucially he helped me to discover and practice the crucial skill of learning how to live in the present.

Dulce Ma Negrete

Customer Service and Marketing


Hi, Im Dulce Negrete and I would really like to recommend Simone. For me has been really tought to get through some situations that made my head became very confused. I started with clear signs of anxiety and really find myself in a point where I couldnt be able to have clear sight to where to go or move. Through all the sesions, he has provided me with the tools to use at my own time and pace to find out by myself what to do. Talking with someone that from the very first begining you feel understanded by and very emphatic makes the difference in the process. I am sure that Simone’s outstanding patience and wise form to give you the correct sign to where to look at ,is the club to have this such great results that made me feel more secure and happy.
Part of my daily routine has been transformed to find out the balance in life that I needed. I started to live in the present and work for my future.
I am grateful that a good friend recommended him to me, because he has been exactly what I needed.
Thank you so much to Simone and the great work he has done to help me and other people that are struggling through this hard times.

Evie Bleach-Lawrence

Client Executive


Simone is a fantastic, caring and compassionate coach. He has helped me discover a lot about myself, improve my mindset and make positive changes in my life. My whole perspective has shifted, and I now have the tools to overcome any challenges or negative beliefs I may have. I highly recommend working with Simone, especially if you are at a crossroads in your life.

Evi Kaponi

Customer Service & Operations


When I first decided to take a leap of faith in life coaching, I was a bit skeptical about what would happen and whether it would be helpful. Lucky for me, what happened was Simone.

Simone is an approachable, trustful and supporting guide with great communication skills and an excellent ability for processing thoughts, mapping, structuring and adjusting coaching sessions. Going from one thing to another feels very natural, as he magically alternates the discussions according to my needs and always stays tuned. Plus, he is sincerely open on how to structure the sessions, discussing the process with me. Simone is fully connected, present and focused and I deeply value how I am also led to these qualities through introspection and mindfulness.

We have mostly worked in discovering myself, changing negative aspects of my life and finding a career that gives me purpose. There’s always more than enough material offered, combined with tools which are very helpful and an excellent way to cope with life. I am impressed by the results on identifying crucial beliefs that hold me back and loved the way he handled those results, offering much support, as well as solutions. Coaching with Simone is like having a stable, subtle, consistent guidance, a lead that feels safe to follow and undoubtedly makes me believe I am in good hands. It’s spectacular how I can see myself changing dramatically in just few weeks from our first meeting; I am now a more calm, self-aware, positive, grateful, confident, motivated and conscious person.

Given that you are open enough and committed to change yourself for the better, I cannot imagine anyone more suitable than Simone to guide you to a happier life.

Tracy Haven

Senior Financial Analyst


I cannot speak highly enough of Simone. The attention and care he devotes to each session is unmatched by any other professional I have worked with. I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him and highly recommend him no matter what stage of life you are in.

Victor Garzón Jiménez

Senior Data Manager - Business Intelligence


Simone helped me on building better habits and specially made me realize I wanted to be more self-aware.
I used to have a very harsh and critique self talk that I wanted to soften, and through talking about this with him, I had made some improvements.
I thank Simone for showing me some systems and helped me go through adaptation phases while creating healthier habits. Although a bit difficult to maintain are proving very useful in the long run.
People who are dealing with the unusual changes of the current pandemic, or amid a breakpoint in their lives, or want to grow personally, should try something similar.

Juan Botero

Social Media, Online Marketing Strategist


Simone is always very well composed, organized and professional. His strengths lay in his ability to include his audience in the subject matter and challenge them with concepts and ideas. His personality comes across as genuine and engaging. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to many.

Simone helped me working through understanding my values system, which has been an invaluable experience. He supported me in clarifying what is important in my life not only professionally but also personally. He introduced me to meditation techniques as well as other tools to face daily life challenges. A recommended real-life experience.

Juan Manuel Botero Mejia

Omnichannel Ecosystem Leader | Digital Product Manager | Project Manager


Simone es un excelente coach, es sumamente profesional y organizado, tiene un método muy práctico en el cual puedes empezar a ver los resultados desde el primer momento. No se queda solamente en las sesiones sino que uno siente que realmente uno tiene un apoyo en el momento en que se necesite. Lo recomiendo totalmente!!! Pude crear una afinidad de forma muy rápida!

Diana María Longas Luna

Office Administrator


Thanks to Simone’s life coaching, I could identify, understand and manage some challenging situations in my life. Of course, I could also achieve some goals that gave me more confidence and allowed me to establish habits to refine my life and the way I feel with myself.
Simone will guide you through your process, always willing to help you and conduct you while you do your part. He also prepares himself to give his best during each session and suggests the best books options to you. Simone is so professional and loves what he does.

Maria del Mar Z.

Asistente de Marketing


Gracias al proceso de Coaching he tenido la oportunidad de conocerme a mi misma de una mejor manera, identificar y reconocer todas estas cosas que en muchas ocasiones no logramos ver en nosotros mismos, ha sido el regalo y proceso más bonito que he podido tener, gracias al trabajo en equipo con Simone pude generar cambios en mi vida; incluyendo nuevos hábitos, identificar estas cosas que podía hacer para balancear las diferentes áreas de mi vida, reconociendo mis fortalezas y debilidades para trabajar en ello y definiendo mis objetivos a mediano y largo plazo. Gracias Simone por tú guía, profesionalismo, la energía tan bonita que te caracteriza, admiró tú trabajo, todo lo que haces y logras en las personas (totalmente incluida), estoy muy feliz de haber hecho este proceso contigo y te agradezco infinitamente, me ayudaste a lograr un cambio increíble en mi vida y encontrar el bienestar y la guía que me faltaba!

Ana María Pareja

Redactora | Periodista | Creadora de contenidos | Marketing digital


El proceso de coach con Simone fue excelente. Gracias a sus él me conocí más a mi misma y empecé a quererme mucho más. Descubrí la meditación y el diario de gratitud, dos cosas que aportan muchísimo a mi vida ahora mismo. Tuve el valor de enfrentar mis miedos, de entablar conversaciones más serias conmigo misma y con mis seres más queridos. Encontré técnicas para buscar trabajo y paciencia para esperar por él. Me sentí capaz de controlar mejor mis emociones, de entenderlas y cambiar la forma en la que reacciono a ellas. Conocí a un coach que me entendió, me apoyó, me guio y me acompañó.

Si estás pensando en empezar tu proceso y lees esto, espero que no lo dudes más y te aventures al coaching con Simone. No te vas a arrepentir.

Nadia Camila Ordoñez

Marketing Manager - Strategic Communicator - Insight Searcher - Design Thinker - Coolhunter


Simone ha sido un coach extraordinario. Es muy dedicado, se toma el trabajo de conocerte e indaga sobre tus procesos de aprendizaje para ajustar las sesiones y hacerlas más productivas. Cuestiona todo el tiempo y está atento al proceso. Te reta y te motiva, hace seguimiento permanente y está disponible incluso fuera de las sesiones. Presenta buen material teórico y lo logra llevar muy bien a ejemplos prácticos. Se ajusta al ritmo del coachee y ha sido una guía para poder aplicar el mindfulness en varios aspectos de mi vida. Lo recomiendo ampliamente a todo el que quiera hacerse responsable de su felicidad.

Andreas Nikolakakis

Senior Consultant


Simone is a great life coach and mindfulness expert. He is very knowledgeable in his field, which covers a wide context of life-coaching areas and mindfulness. I had the honor to be one of his first clients and he helped me a lot to deal with different types of issues I faced in my everyday life. Through the sessions I had with Simone, I learned a lot about meditation practices, mindfulness and step by step I built a stronger mindset and managed to be more mindful. In addition, though his advice, I managed to re-assess my life and appreciate the now and what I have.

The process of becoming more mindful and happy is not easy; it needs patience, time and dedication but Simone was always there to encourage me and provide me with this professional insight and advice. Apart from his high professionalism, Simone is a very pleasant, peaceful and easygoing person. It is always a pleasure to discuss with him various topics, from travel experiences to deep, abstract topics.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Simone as a life coach. Thank you Simone!

Serena Contadini

E.Mi School Italy


I vantaggi del coaching sono tantissimi è un vero peccato che in Italia questa figura non sia conosciuta. La propria volontà di migliorare è sicuramente una caratteristica fondamentale ma la spinta che può dare l’essere seguiti da Simone fa la differenza nel concretizzare il cambiamento. Ho apprezzato tantissimo il suo approccio capace di mutare in base alla circostanza e al bisogno, passando dall’approfondimento di concetti fino al comprendere stati d’animo e aspetti della vita personale. In ogni occasione il suo punto di vista differente ti offre modalità nuove per affrontare le situazioni e spunti interessanti, innegabile l’ intelligenza di cogliere il punto focale delle situazioni. Ho apprezzato molto il fatto di ricevere dopo ogni sessione una mail con un riassunto di quanto detto e alcuni esercizi per indagare sugli argomenti di mio interesse. Nel suo approccio Simone è capace di dare motivazione senza generare stress. Ha doti innate di per svolgere questa professione oltre alla competenza dovuta alla sua costante formazione. Lo consiglierei a chiunque voglia fare una svolta nella vita!

Alberto Gibillini



I had the chance to work with Simone, with coaching sessions based on personal development and specifically Focus on reaching the objectives set and develop an efficient and reactive mind. It was, and it is a really important experience .. I had the chance to get into a vision, a totally new concept .. We worked together and Simone is an excellent teacher, very prepared and careful to study the needs, and times of the person.

He is very helpful and takes work seriously. He adapts perfectly to the times and needs of the person. Can give excellent practical advice and allows you to investigate with educational material that he readily studied and sized for you. I have had benefits in working life, as in the life of every day, practically immediately. For this reason and for many reasons I recommend Simone as a 100% personal coach .. I am sure you will also benefit from it.

The change must take place from within you, he will be able to accompany you on this journey that necessity of notifications and practical tricks that they are not trivial, but have been studied carefully and tested. I am available for any info / reference you would like to ask me. Thanks Simone looking forward to have our next session!

Santiago Vasquez

Customer Success Manager Saas


He tenido la gran oportunidad de trabajar con Simone y realizar mis sesiones de coaching para mi desarrollo personal, para mí más que un coach es una guía personal y espiritual que me aporta tanto teóricamente como en la parte práctica con diferentes ejercicios , me siento muy feliz de contar con su ayuda para mi vida. Por lo anterior, no tengo ninguna duda en recomendarlo.