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The other day I felt terrible!

I don’t know exactly why, but the reality was that I felt unmotivated, sad, and frustrated. Do you also have days like that? And what do you do in those days? 

I tried to lift myself with my morning routine: meditation, journaling, affirmations and exercise. It did the trick for a while, but after a few hours, I slipped again into an unpleasant dark state.

That was the moment when I realised I could benefit from some external help. I wanted to share how I felt, throw it out of myself, and feel supported.

I tried to call my best friend, but he did not pick up. Then I called my partner; she did pick up. I shared with her how I felt, no introduction. 

The tension inside me released immediately, not only because she was there for me, listening actively and empathising. But also because she told me that she was also feeling low! 

We invested the next half an hour talking about how we felt and investigating the possible reason behind our moods. I even cried a little (yes, I am human!). Eventually, we questioned our minds’ behaviour and came up with a few steps we wanted to take to turn things around.

It worked like magic!

After the call, I felt recharged, motivated, supported, and hopeful. I took responsibility for what I needed and wanted to do and started immediately. I felt relieved and empowered.

What do you do when you get in a dark mood? Do you have specific remedies for bringing yourself back to equilibrium? Is there someone you can reach out to that is always ready to hear you non judgmentally and empathising with how you feel? 

Hundreds of people have opened up with my partner and me about their struggles and joys in the last couple of years. We were stunned by how many of them placed loneliness or the lack of support as one of their main challenges in life.

When we feel alone in our life journey, everything seems more complicated, scary, difficult. Instead, when we feel understood, accompanied, and supported, all life struggles take a different shade. It is still tough to face obstacles, but we fight with a lighter heart, knowing that we are not alone in this and that we can count on the help of others.

In that spirit, we created a small intimate community of driven, conscious, and creative individuals looking to create more balance, freedom, and purpose in their lives. Our mission is to help them master their mind, build new habits, gain self-confidence, improve their productivity and face their fears while feeling supported throughout the whole journey.


If so, DM me because I’d love to tell you more about this incredible project!

Love. Simone

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  • strong commitment to turning your vision into reality
  • Someone next to you that supports and guides you through the journey
  • Expanded horizons, wider perspectives and increased awareness
  • A calmer, more positive and balanced mind
  • Deeper and healthier relationships with those you care about
  • Clarity around who you are, who you want to be and what you really want 
  • A specific action plan that will be your roadmap to accomplish your vision
  • A feeling of confidence, excitement, motivation and contentment. 

The Plan

Define how you will achieve what you want
How will you accomplish your vision?
What specific actions will you take?
What habits, people and places fill you with energy and will support you through the journey?
What skills or knowledge do you want to acquire?


The Challenge

Do the deep inner work you need so that nothing can hold you back
What are your biggest challenges right now?
What is holding you back the most?
How do you underestimate yourself the most?
What thoughts and emotions would you most benefit from transforming?
What new empowering beliefs do you want to create?
How can you play to your strengths?

The Why

Have clarity on why achieving your vision is important
Why do you want to achieve that?
How achieving your vision would improve your life?
How will you feel when you get there?

The Dream

Create an inspiring vision of who you want to be and where you want to go
What do you want?
What does your ideal life look like?
What is your biggest dream?

The Reality

Be clear about where you are and what you want to change
Where are you now?
What is your current situation?
What are your biggest challenges right now?


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