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“What type of coaching do you give?”

People ask me all the time: “What type of coaching do you give?” 

I answer: Coaching is a relatively standard tool. Instead of describing the framework and methodology, I prefer to tell you what my magic is. 

The following are the most recurrent feedbacks I get from my coachees. 

1. You genuinely and truly care about me. You want the best for me.

2. You are resourceful. You help me find different ways to overcome difficulties and lead me by example.

3. You are persistent in drilling down and pushing for change to make my vision possible. You inspire me to go for it!

4. You are positive, kind, supportive, empathetic and approachable.

5. You gently explore the depth of my mind in an engineering fashion with a systematic approach by asking targeted questions to discover the root cause of the problem. You guide me to see my blind spots, uncover my hidden beliefs and create an empowering mindset.

This is my magic in the worlds of those I passionately serve.

What is your magic? Have you ever asked this question to your clients or those you deliver value to?

If you haven’t, I strongly invite you to do so. You’ll get the chance to discover something about yourself you did not see, and you give others the opportunity to tell you how great you are!

More about my magic…

I don’t settle for the obvious, the surface. I do not buy into the stories your mind makes up. I am in a relentless quest for investigating and questioning your mind’s behaviours. I pay extreme attention to the words and am prepared to catch cues that could give me the keys to what is behind your thinking, emotions, and behaviours. I look for hints that could lead to powerful insights.

There are infinite roads that lead to success. I help you choose one wisely, without creating an attachment to it. I am willing and open to changing the course of action if needed and generating innovative ways to break through obstacles. I do the same for myself with my challenges.

I do not give up on you, never. I keep believing in yourself, especially when your self-doubt creeps in. I know you can do it. I am your cheerleader.

I am cheerful and optimistic. I do my best to understand how you feel and how life looks like from your perspective. I hear you non-judgmentally. I am here for you whenever you need me. I face your difficulties with you, hand-in-hand.

I take my time to get to know you and clarify what you want and why. Then, I don’t settle for less. I want you to be content, at peace and satisfied with yourself and your life. No compromise.

If this is the magic you are looking for, contact me. I’d love to explore the possibility to make magic together.

Love. Simone

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  • strong commitment to turning your vision into reality
  • Someone next to you that supports and guides you through the journey
  • Expanded horizons, wider perspectives and increased awareness
  • A calmer, more positive and balanced mind
  • Deeper and healthier relationships with those you care about
  • Clarity around who you are, who you want to be and what you really want 
  • A specific action plan that will be your roadmap to accomplish your vision
  • A feeling of confidence, excitement, motivation and contentment. 

The Plan

Define how you will achieve what you want
How will you accomplish your vision?
What specific actions will you take?
What habits, people and places fill you with energy and will support you through the journey?
What skills or knowledge do you want to acquire?


The Challenge

Do the deep inner work you need so that nothing can hold you back
What are your biggest challenges right now?
What is holding you back the most?
How do you underestimate yourself the most?
What thoughts and emotions would you most benefit from transforming?
What new empowering beliefs do you want to create?
How can you play to your strengths?

The Why

Have clarity on why achieving your vision is important
Why do you want to achieve that?
How achieving your vision would improve your life?
How will you feel when you get there?

The Dream

Create an inspiring vision of who you want to be and where you want to go
What do you want?
What does your ideal life look like?
What is your biggest dream?

The Reality

Be clear about where you are and what you want to change
Where are you now?
What is your current situation?
What are your biggest challenges right now?


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