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I was SO happy! “Finally my life-long dream of being a consultant came true!”, I thought.

“I have my dream job. What could go wrong?” I thought.

But soon life rocked the sh*t outta me.

You see…

It ALL started back in 2013…

A young lad gets appointed as a project manager in one of the top 100 tech companies – Cognizant.

I was confident that my life was set – I thought.

However, all my ambitions and hopes – collapsed to the ground when I realized what life had in store for me.

I was “travelling the world”, “earning good money” and was pretty successful in the eyes of society.

But from inside, I was on a war with myself.

Or I could say…


Let me explain…

I got kicked out of my lulu-land and was forced to work long hours – like really long hours…

I started to HATE what I once loved…

And naturally started hiding from work and its responsibilities.

But THEN came the WORST.

I developed chronic stress and anxiety…

I was at the lowest of my life, and no amount of money, medicine or magic could cure me.

It was like – I was selling my freedom and ambitions for a drug called salary.

I no longer wanted to be where I was – only wanted my health, freedom and time with my family.

And so my friend – I did.

I started exploring the wellness field – both physically and mentally.

I quit my “dream” job in less than 2 years of getting it…

And moved to Colombia – with dreams of starting it all together.

But there came another SHOCK.

You see…

I had no clue what I was going to do…

I wanted to do something I LOVED. I wanted to help people. But I needed to pay bills and make money to live my life.

And so, I went back to my previous life – CONSULTING.

But this time, all my time in Colombia paid off.

I started to work hard on self-development – reading, journaling, meditating, yoga and pretty much everything that would help me grow…

I started developing techniques to help me and others grow…

And THEN my wife and I quit our jobs and started living our dream of helping people be happier, healthier and stress-free.

Thanks to receiving coaching and my years of experience as a consultant and traveller to many different countries, I eventually decided to get trained and transitioned to become a transformative coach.

Over the years, I am proud to say that I have helped hundreds of people in several fields to love and live their lives fully. To develop self-confidence, inner peace and connection. To live with purpose, balance and freedom.

Which brings me to the point:

What was your “enough is enough” moment that led to a happier you?

Write to me. I read every single message.

Your biggest supporter,

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  • strong commitment to turning your vision into reality
  • Someone next to you that supports and guides you through the journey
  • Expanded horizons, wider perspectives and increased awareness
  • A calmer, more positive and balanced mind
  • Deeper and healthier relationships with those you care about
  • Clarity around who you are, who you want to be and what you really want 
  • A specific action plan that will be your roadmap to accomplish your vision
  • A feeling of confidence, excitement, motivation and contentment. 

The Plan

Define how you will achieve what you want
How will you accomplish your vision?
What specific actions will you take?
What habits, people and places fill you with energy and will support you through the journey?
What skills or knowledge do you want to acquire?


The Challenge

Do the deep inner work you need so that nothing can hold you back
What are your biggest challenges right now?
What is holding you back the most?
How do you underestimate yourself the most?
What thoughts and emotions would you most benefit from transforming?
What new empowering beliefs do you want to create?
How can you play to your strengths?

The Why

Have clarity on why achieving your vision is important
Why do you want to achieve that?
How achieving your vision would improve your life?
How will you feel when you get there?

The Dream

Create an inspiring vision of who you want to be and where you want to go
What do you want?
What does your ideal life look like?
What is your biggest dream?

The Reality

Be clear about where you are and what you want to change
Where are you now?
What is your current situation?
What are your biggest challenges right now?


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