The Transformative Power of Building a Coaching Habit

Have you ever attended a training session and felt enlightened but found yourself back to your old ways soon after? Why is it so challenging to implement changes, particularly when TRANSITIONING FROM GIVING ADVICE TO ASKING QUESTIONS? The struggle is real. The comfort of giving advice, with its immediate sense of contribution and control, often overshadows […]

Ever pondered on the invaluable lessons hidden within our mistakes?

馃攳 Ever pondered on the invaluable lessons hidden within our mistakes? It’s a challenging but enlightening exploration. After all, growth sprouts from the soil of our errors鈥攊f we’re brave enough to embrace it. 馃 Our journey to self-improvement often stumbles upon a harsh truth: our egos. They make us more receptive to learning from others’ […]

Leading in Chaos: Are You Ready for Transformation?

Do you feel overwhelmed balancing the demanding tides of professional and personal life, struggling to find your true direction as a leader? It’s a common plight in the fast-paced world of corporate leadership, where the pressure to perform can often overshadow personal well-being and authentic leadership. Take Peter, for example, a leader much like yourself. […]

Don’t Force The Process. Flow!

Have you ever experienced losing the joy of something you once loved because of self-imposed pressure?  Do you feel that your mind’s expectations take away the fun from activities you used to enjoy?  Does your mind often create attachments to future results, killing the beauty of the journey in the process? If you answered YES […]

BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE with this empowering exercise!

If you’re genuinely committed to feeling more confident, I’ve got something for you. Often, what lowers our confidence is the fear of being judged or rejected. But guess what? We can train ourselves to embrace these fears! Think of it like training a muscle. The more we get accustomed to judgment, criticism, or rejection, the […]

An inspiring story of growth, self-discovery, and determination – Daniela.

Dear community, Today, I’m excited to share an inspiring story of growth, self-discovery, and determination. Meet Daniela, an extraordinary individual I had the privilege to coach over the past year. Our journey together has been a testament to Daniela’s dedication and courage, illuminating the path to her deepest desires. At the start, Daniela faced a […]

Celebrating a Success Story

Meet Guillermo Alvarez de Eulate Recalde, an incredible source of inspiration! When Guillermo embarked on his coaching journey with me a year ago, he faced significant life challenges. He struggled with assigning proper importance to things, constantly pushing himself and feeling down for not being able to do it all. Moreover, he had trouble fully savouring […]