Think about your life…

Think about your life. Maybe you have an OK job, OK relationships, and an OK sense of purpose. So maybe your life isn’t perfect – but whose is? Honestly, you’re fine. Now think about how you feel. Does a sense of anxiety, discomfort, or disappointment lurk in your mind? Maybe you tend to dwell on […]

Would you be silent for ten days?

On Sunday, I completed a 10-day silent meditation retreat. For the fourth time. And I loved it!  Why? Because we cannot change what we don’t see. And I love change, especially the type of change that brings growth, development and learning.  A meditation retreat is a great way to disconnect yourself from the world around […]

You cannot manage something unless you can see it clearly.

And if you want to love yourself, you want to clearly “see” your inner critic and deal with it effectively. Yes, the inner critic. The demanding and harsh voice in your head that believes you are not good enough. That holds you up to very high standards, doesn’t give you a break, makes you feel […]

Do you find it difficult to accept yourself exactly as you are?

Have you ever felt unworthy? Or not good enough?  Do you look out for external validation?   If your answer is yes, you are not alone!  Enjoy the video while you learn how to boost your self-belief! And if you want to go deeper, write to me. I’d love to connect and hear about you. Love. […]


Have you ever wanted to improve your morning routine?  Do you believe that starting the day with healthy rituals can set you on a fast lane to personal fulfilment?  Do you often feel sluggish during morning hours?  Is there any positive habit you would like to establish before going to work?  If your answer is […]

Do you want deeper and healthier relationships?

If you do, you are not alone, and it’s easy to understand why: we are social creatures. The good thing is that the key to better relationships lies within you. If you want to create new meaningful relationships or deepen those you already have, you first want to cultivate a better relationship with yourself.  Trust […]

Last weekend I cried.

I am not the type of person who usually cries, and it feels uncomfortable to admit to you that I did cry during the weekend—multiple times. Let me tell you what happened.  My partner and I recently celebrated ten years together. As part of our continued growth as individuals and partners, she surprised me by […]