VIDEO – Quit your job today 2.0

In my latest post, I asked you to imagine giving up your job and think of what would you do with your time if you were to align your working decision to your values and passions. Today, I want to propose to you a powerful exercise that will help you gain clarity on your purpose. […]

Quit your job today!

Now that we all have rested and perhaps even took a self-improvement vacation over Easter (check out my last post) let’s get back into self-questioning mode. I invite you to imagine giving up your job today. Yes, today is the last day at your current job!  Take a moment to imagine that. Close your eyes […]

Have you ever caught yourself complaining that things are not fair?

We all have felt a victim of our circumstance, especially during this strange last year. And have you ever stopped and asked yourself if that helped in any way? Chances are, feeling like a victim just made things worse. As human beings, we tend to feel good when we own our life situations. When we […]

Has fear held you back at least once over the last year?

Chances are, it had. I asked this question at a workshop I facilitated two weeks ago. Every single person raised their hand. Here is the thing: fear is part of being human. Fear is what made it possible for our specie to survive. You want to be grateful to fear, and you also want to […]

Do you know what your greatest motivators are?

1. Avoiding suffering 2. Seeking pleasure Two sides to the same coin.  Every human being who wants to tap into their source of motivation can do it by focusing their thoughts and attention on avoiding what they don’t want: suffering. Or seeking what they want: pleasure.  Yes, it is that simple. But there is a […]

You probably have complained about Covid-19 during the past months!

If you are like me, you probably have complained about Covid-19 hundreds of times during the past months! Have you? And have you ever paused just before, in the middle of, or right after complaining to ask yourself how complaining will help you? If you had, great! You probably don’t need to read this post. […]

You Create Your Own Reality

Following on my latest post, here is a short and powerful exercise to help you create your future! I’d love to hear the magic of your make-believe! You Create Your Own Reality What would you say if I told you that you are creating your experience of the world, moment by moment? Yes, you are. […]

It doesn’t matter who we are. It matters who believe we are!

If we believe something about us long enough, it does not matter if it is true or not. It becomes real to us. And we begin to think, feel and act as if it is true.  For this reason, keeping our traumas on top of our mind is a bad idea unless we want to […]